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in het Noord-Hollands duinlandschap

Mental Coaching
in the dune landscape of North Holland

Walking & talking together

It  talks differently when you walk next to each other in stead of sitting opposite of each other. The focus seems to be different when both of you look into the same direction.
Exercise is healthy and walk while you talk, stimulates the body.

Who is it for ?

For people who know they should take a decision on something, but need a sounding board to get started.
And for people that ended up in a "yes/no-discussion” with themselves and their environment and want to break through.

With whom ? And where ?

With Marten Janse, he'll put you on a different track. He is someone with experience, strong analytical skills and 'dangerous' with language.
You're invited to the North Holland dune area, the Oase, the Middenduin or the old estates Leyduin, Vinkenduin and Oud Woestduin.

Who am I?

Marten Janse 2016 - foto Marianne NaroldMy name is Marten Janse. I am married, have three children, and I live and work in Heemstede. I was born in 1960 and had a career at the Ministry of Transport and at the Netherlands Institute for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Since 2007 I work as an independent consultant in transition management. Besides this, I design, build and maintain websites and produce video recordings.

Linguistics and Psychology

I graduated in 1979 from the Free University of Amsterdam with a thesis on: Identity and subjectivity in talking. Since then I have kept my interest in the interface between language and behaviour.

I am familiar with psychology, psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, neuro linguistic programming, transactional analysis and coaching and counselling of individuals.

Narrative Psychology is the specialisation I feel most comfortable with: living your life interpreting your experience over and over again and negotiating with others the meaning of what you did do and what happened to you.

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Healthy employees

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Being an employer you will benefit from the healthiness of your employees. You may have designed the benefits package in order to stimulate this, for example with a free subscription to a gym of their choice.
Yet it can happen that at some point something is bothering one of your employees mentally. Maybe because of private circumstances, perhaps by changes in the workplace or by unfulfilled ambitions.
A short-term intervention by the way of wander coaching is a fine step to prevent worse.

Employer rates

After introduction, I offer your employees a basic package with 3 walks of 1 to 2 hours, or a more comprehensive package with 6 walks.
The package with 3 walks costs 324 euros, excluding 21% VAT. The comprehensive package costs 612 euros, excluding 21% VAT.



Mobile phone:
+31 (0)6 1023 5099

The company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam.